Sunday, August 14, 2011

A last look at Prague!

The Singing Fountains of Prague!

A monument to all the children that were killed in Lidice.

A knights armor at Prague Castle!

A tram named after Grandma Boothe!

Prague Castle as seen from Charles Bridge

This one is for Jesse....Gregor Mendel Statue!

Karlstejn Castle/Land was dedicated for preaching the Gospel in the forest behind the Castle

Monika's Baptism

Rainbow over Vltava River

Farewell Foster Fiesta!
We will see you all in a week!
We love you...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New York

So Heidi made me promise to post pics of our New York Trip...unfortunately my cameras battery wouldn't hold a charge so I only have pics from our cell phones.
But I learned some important things while I was in New York...I will share all of my Wisdom with you just because I am so kind!!

3rd...Have a camera that wraps around your wrist tight so that you can take a good picture on the top of the Empire State Building without worrying that you will drop it :) The 2nd pi is a bit better.
4th...Keep your eyes open and looking up if you want to spot the temple or you just might walk right past it...everything is tall!

5th...go early on in the day to see the Statue of Liberty because the tickets to go to the top are given on a 1st come 1st serve basis and there are a limited supply. We missed the opportunity...but it just gives me an excuse to go back someday!!

6th...the desserts are HUGE and DELICIOUS!!! Well worth the Price!!
7th...we are still a very good looking couple!!!!!!!!

These are from the Metropolitan Museum...I kind of forgot to take pics because I was so amazed at all of it. We were there for 3-4 hours and only saw half of what the museum had to offer. It was so interesting!! So...lesson number 8...Set a whole day aside for this one!!

9th...Guggenheim Museum...Beautiful arcitecture...weird art.

10th...the M&M Store...Brian was amazed at how many m&m's were there and all the different colors...I loved the Life Size M&M Characters!!
10th...Times crazy big and fun!! 11th...WICKED!!!!!! AMAZING!!! My Favorite Part!!!!!!!!!!!

12th...This is Grand Central Station...the pic does not do it justice...the place is HUGE!! Be prepared to get lost with the subway is just part of the adventure!!

13th...Disney is everywhere and New York doesn't let you down!!! I had to take the above three for Beaker and ya!!
And is a bit hard to get full body shot when there are only two of you and you both want to be in the shot!! Oh, and we are still Good Looking!!