Sunday, January 23, 2011


He had already been walking a lot today, so he was kinda tired.  Still rocked my world though!

Better Late than Never are some of our Christmas photos...just in case anyone wanted to see any...I forgot the order it posts so you get to see the end of the day 1st...lucky you!!

We had our Christmas dinner at our friends house, Meredith and JD; we had ham and sweet potatoes and all the delicious holiday food you could ever want!
This is what we got from Mom and Dad...Thank You!!
Broker loved his candy cane treat...He played with it for two days before he ate it...that is unheard of in Broker history!!
Broker had to be right there as we opened gifts...he was just as excited as we were!!

Our first Christmas Tree...real of was beautiful...and smelt wonderful...we just try to forget the pain it was to put all of the lights on.

Oh, and I have created a blog for my dance business There isn't much yet but more will come...Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beautiful Bermont (as Maggie would say)

Just thought I would post some pictures of our trip to Vermont (the coldest place I have ever been... but so pretty!)
We stopped at the ben and Jerry's factory. I have never met someone that loves ice cream more than Jayson!

Miss Molly. So so cute

Happy Birthday Carin!

Dave told Maggie to be a model in the store window... And so she did.

Mikan at Ski School. She is quite the little skier!


Dave and Ang after a run

Ang Is good at snowboarding...

I on the other hand was not!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We actually miss mom and dad

So i (as in Jesse who did this all by himself, yep i blogged is that how you say it?) was cleaning up the file on my computer today and found this awesome photo shoot!

Look in the background you can tell the longer it goes the less funny mom thinks it is, but the photo shoot goes on and on (i only uploaded half of them)!

But at the end even mom can't help but try to smile. Why you might ask? Because she loves her little Eli (who was taking all the awesome memorable photos on my school lab camera).

We sure do love and miss you Two! These photos are bound to make the family remember and miss you as well!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Robyn finished her first draft of her first novel today, 72 written pages. She's already started typing a second draft. And get this, she's managed to swing extra credit for it in two of her classes: English and Computers (typing). That's my girl!