Thursday, January 6, 2011

We actually miss mom and dad

So i (as in Jesse who did this all by himself, yep i blogged is that how you say it?) was cleaning up the file on my computer today and found this awesome photo shoot!

Look in the background you can tell the longer it goes the less funny mom thinks it is, but the photo shoot goes on and on (i only uploaded half of them)!

But at the end even mom can't help but try to smile. Why you might ask? Because she loves her little Eli (who was taking all the awesome memorable photos on my school lab camera).

We sure do love and miss you Two! These photos are bound to make the family remember and miss you as well!


  1. You should blog more often, Jesse. Robyn Gwenyth and I enjoyed your post immensely.

  2. AAAAH! I do miss them! ha! This was hilarious. And Eli was so so small when he took these!

  3. Ah! Look how little he is!!! I want those cheeks back right now! I totally forgot about these pics! Glad you posted them! And I must say I am very impressed you posted this all by yourself (almost)! :) Miss you two like crazy!

  4. Jesse,
    Those pictures were great, and I'm so impressed that you 'Blogged'! We laughed and remembered a fun moment. We love you all,