Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So with the help of mom this is Kyler's Valentine's Day box. If you don't know who this is then this is this years super hero, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Jesse these might not be popular when Eli is in first grade but you should definitely check them out. I don't know who will like them more you or Eli.

Monday, February 21, 2011

National Platypus Day

We are gearing up for National Platypus Day.
March 5. Don't miss it.
Eli and Sam even had their pictures taken with their favorite Platypus celebrity,
Special Agent P.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Were Having A Boy

We are very excited,  He is due July 1 2011.  We need some good name Ideas.  Bre has a list of cowboy hick names that I have vetoed, so we are open to other options.  If we pick yours I will buy you an icecream cone as big as you want.  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy February! !

Its a great month.... Because it's the LOVE month... and a lot of other goodness! Happy 1 year mark (in a couple of days) to mom and Dad! Time is flying by! We miss you guys.
Happy February Birthday to... Mikan, Maggie, Chloe, Daniel, and Bethany!
Congrats to Kev and Bre! They are having a... oh wait. I'm not sure If I'm supposed to announce that yet. Kev and Bre can let us know about that one....

Thanks for keeping up on the Music Ryan! If anyone can figure out how to change the wall paper of the main page... let me know how!

One more thing... Don't forget about the blog!!! I really like it.

Here are some Random pic's!
Camille and blurry Eli (he was feeling so sick) and Marc's Party

I just love Beckam's rosy cheeks.

The Big 30!!!

Look at that smile! I was so proud I caught that!

Dave and I at Ty's Party (I stole this off of Bre's blog..) Isn't everyone so proud at how long my hair is getting?! I've only been growing it out for 5 years!