Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

This summer Coby and I wanted to keep our hands busy. First picture is of the patch work KING size jean quilt, second is the shutters, and third is the porch swing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UFC Night

Don't forget about UFC night on Sat and mom and dads house! Fights start at 8!

That's a wrap

As the Spanish Fork Clarks sadly bid farewell to another fantastic summer full of hot summer days and endless trips to Seven Peaks, here are some pics of this years festivities!
And get ready... I'm warning you in advance, cause I'm going to swamp this site with pics. of what we do with our house for the most glorious month of the year which is ohhh so quickly approaching. Our home is going to rock Halloween this year like never before!!!!

Summer will always be fun because we celebrate 3 of 4 family birthdays!
Here's the Bugg's special day.
The cake of cakes!!! Thanks G. for making such a special cake for my day. I hated cutting into Jack but it was sooo good!
A trip to Bryce Canyon in early July was one of the highlights of summer. I love this pic because it is sooo Haven. Pretending not to be a princess or pixie, but a Dinosaur!
We went to the Children's Museum up at the Gateway in SLC one random Saturday and had a blast.
a bit out of order, but here's another one from Bryce.
wow, back at the Museum
guess where...? you'll notice that G. is the one toting the backpack and 20 lb. kid around. I tried, and made it about 50 feet before handing him back to the real outdoors woman and in-shape guru of the house.
Baby Bud's B-day!
At the Slip and Slide that Grady and Dave rented, it took the Bugg a while, but she eventually warmed up to the slide.
The same can't be said however for Victoria's namesake...
Summer's never complete without a trip to the zoo

Well at least something makes Baby Bud happy. Maybe he'll join Uncle Monkey in learning crazy awesome stuff about the animal kingdom!

How gorgeous is G. in this picture?!!
After fighting/crying through her first sport-sustained injury, the Bugg made it through her first official soccer game.
After a rainstorm, BuggCentral took her dinosaurs out into the sandbox and introduced them all to their natural habitat and long lost lifestyle. This pic was just too sweet not to post. She had them positioned all over like this.

Again, I'll get some more pics. posted here soon. Much love to one and all! Ohh yeah, to Sunshine and Boss, who is the driver that all of Bristol is talking about these past few days??? Hmmmmmmm, ahhh yeah, raise the roof for my history making boy in the #18!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do any of you girls remember the sponge roller?

So my mom use to put these in my hair all the time cuz she hated straight hair. I gave it a try with Katelyn.

Family Address Book

Hey family I wanted to make a family address book. I would like your address, phone numbers (home & cells), email address, and blog address. I want to be able to email or give a hard copy to everyone so we can all keep in touch better. Thank you! This posted by Becky

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slip n' Slide... I'm Sore!

And the race is on... I should have gotten a picture of the whole slide darn it.

Don't Cry Ty! Its just a kiss!

I was trying to get a pic of his real tear... If you look real close you can see it! He didn't love the water slide so much. poor Beckam...

King Ryan at his greatest

Ty... you have the coolest sunglasses in the whole world.. and lets not even start with the hat.

Summer Love:)...

Haven could not have loved this more. She even went by herself... after a while. Go Haven!

Battle wounds... and butt Crack. Nothin new for Jess.

And the winner is.... Dave! he went up and down the slide 8 times in 2 minutes! Even though Bethany was cursing him to fall and break his leg, and praying that the slide would pop.. so her and Ryan would win! But Dave and Heidi are the Champions! I'm still coughing from that btw.

For Becky...

I didn't take a ton of pics at the wedding, but these are the ones I have.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blow up Slip 'n Slide

Hey everyone! Dave's family reunion is at our house on Saturday and we are renting a huge blow up slip and slide. the reunion ends at 3, If you and your kids want to come over around 3, we have it rented until around 6. So bring your swim suits!!!!

the oregon coast

We just got back from the coast!

We went to Oregon with my family for a family reunion on my moms side. We camped on the beach, and it was AMAZING! Eli had lots of fun playing in the sand with his cousins!

Our two little campers. Notice Eli's "pirate eye". "RRRRRR lady," in the words of the man himself. Apparently that is also how we smile for the camera.

The beach was BEAUTIFUL. The water was COLD, but still gorgeous.

Eli working hard.

We stopped at a cool lighthouse.

And OF COURSE we had to make time for crayfishing!!! Jess caught a bunch of crayfish in my Uncles backyard. Their property backs up onto the Clackamas river. Jesse was SURRONDED by a bunch of little boys watching all the action. They were FASINATED by the crazy guy standing in the river catching crayfish. Then they all proceeded to watch him extract their DNA.
The boys loved it!

We stopped at Shoshonee Falls in Twin Falls Idaho on our drive out. Don't mind the boys in their PJ's, it was 7 o'clock in the morning. We left at 3:30 in the morning and decided the falls would be a good place to stretch our legs.

It was a really fun trip. We went to the Oregon Zoo, got up early and saw some tide pools, and even went to the Tillamook Cheese factory!
We barely survived the drive home, but the trip was so worth it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Back From Europe!

I'm back from Europe. It was amazing! Now I'm back, and have hit the ground running trying to prepare for the school year. Here are a few pictures from Europe. I have a ton more, but just thought I'd share a few.

The picture above is San Marco Square in Venice. Lots of people, cool buildings, and pigeons!
Made from human bones at the bone church. Mom wrote all about it in her last e-mail.
Getting ready to enter the largest ice-caves in the world! We were freezing! Can't you see our breath?

Going down the zip line while canyoning
Sliding down the Waterfalls!

Mom, Dad, and I in some gardens at Petrin Hill in Prague

Beautiful mountains in Salzburg. This was our view as we hiked up to the ice caves.
We went to Dachau concentration camp while in Munich Germany. Sad, but definitely an educational experience. This is the crematory room.

Outside of the Colloseum in Rome

Inside the Colloseum
Kaylene and I on our romantic Gondola ride! We'll do it with our husbands someday! It was just like the movies!

Beautiful sunset in Venice. We were riding the boat ferry back to San Marco square. This is when a creepo was following me around!

This is what the little streets of Venice look like. So cute!