Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Back From Europe!

I'm back from Europe. It was amazing! Now I'm back, and have hit the ground running trying to prepare for the school year. Here are a few pictures from Europe. I have a ton more, but just thought I'd share a few.

The picture above is San Marco Square in Venice. Lots of people, cool buildings, and pigeons!
Made from human bones at the bone church. Mom wrote all about it in her last e-mail.
Getting ready to enter the largest ice-caves in the world! We were freezing! Can't you see our breath?

Going down the zip line while canyoning
Sliding down the Waterfalls!

Mom, Dad, and I in some gardens at Petrin Hill in Prague

Beautiful mountains in Salzburg. This was our view as we hiked up to the ice caves.
We went to Dachau concentration camp while in Munich Germany. Sad, but definitely an educational experience. This is the crematory room.

Outside of the Colloseum in Rome

Inside the Colloseum
Kaylene and I on our romantic Gondola ride! We'll do it with our husbands someday! It was just like the movies!

Beautiful sunset in Venice. We were riding the boat ferry back to San Marco square. This is when a creepo was following me around!

This is what the little streets of Venice look like. So cute!


  1. I would love to be able to visit Europe one day. You luck girl. Maybe someday. Great pictures.

  2. love the pics Angie! looks like you had a great time!