Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That's a wrap

As the Spanish Fork Clarks sadly bid farewell to another fantastic summer full of hot summer days and endless trips to Seven Peaks, here are some pics of this years festivities!
And get ready... I'm warning you in advance, cause I'm going to swamp this site with pics. of what we do with our house for the most glorious month of the year which is ohhh so quickly approaching. Our home is going to rock Halloween this year like never before!!!!

Summer will always be fun because we celebrate 3 of 4 family birthdays!
Here's the Bugg's special day.
The cake of cakes!!! Thanks G. for making such a special cake for my day. I hated cutting into Jack but it was sooo good!
A trip to Bryce Canyon in early July was one of the highlights of summer. I love this pic because it is sooo Haven. Pretending not to be a princess or pixie, but a Dinosaur!
We went to the Children's Museum up at the Gateway in SLC one random Saturday and had a blast.
a bit out of order, but here's another one from Bryce.
wow, back at the Museum
guess where...? you'll notice that G. is the one toting the backpack and 20 lb. kid around. I tried, and made it about 50 feet before handing him back to the real outdoors woman and in-shape guru of the house.
Baby Bud's B-day!
At the Slip and Slide that Grady and Dave rented, it took the Bugg a while, but she eventually warmed up to the slide.
The same can't be said however for Victoria's namesake...
Summer's never complete without a trip to the zoo

Well at least something makes Baby Bud happy. Maybe he'll join Uncle Monkey in learning crazy awesome stuff about the animal kingdom!

How gorgeous is G. in this picture?!!
After fighting/crying through her first sport-sustained injury, the Bugg made it through her first official soccer game.
After a rainstorm, BuggCentral took her dinosaurs out into the sandbox and introduced them all to their natural habitat and long lost lifestyle. This pic was just too sweet not to post. She had them positioned all over like this.

Again, I'll get some more pics. posted here soon. Much love to one and all! Ohh yeah, to Sunshine and Boss, who is the driver that all of Bristol is talking about these past few days??? Hmmmmmmm, ahhh yeah, raise the roof for my history making boy in the #18!


  1. Ryan! I cannot wait to see your house of horror during October! Can I come to Haven's next soccer game? Thanks for the pics! Can't wait for more!

  2. Muuuaahhaaaa. It will probably be a bit light on horror, and more like a very low budget Disney version Haunted House with great detail on lighting and props. None-the-less, I can't wait!!!
    Our Halloween Tree Room is going to rock the casba!
    Thanks again for Saturday. We had sooo much fun!

  3. wow, I suppose I should sign out as you before posting comments ;)

  4. Gosh, Grady, will you stop posting comments already.... some of us are trying to go to bed!

  5. Ryan whats your e-mail and I'll invite you to be an author.. so you don't have to use my name... unless you want :)

  6. Wow, Grady....
    I would say thanks for all the comments, but they got a bit confusing at the end there. It was almost like you were having some type of inner Jekyll and Hyde conversations there.
    I'm not going to say you should have that looked at, but.....

  7. ohhh yeah, now you blame me for those little episodes you were having.... yeah right. I'm not falling for the old 'give me your e-mail address thing'. I've been burned by that one, one too many times.
    Nice try. Next thing you know I'm getting mailings and coupons for all things Down East Outfitters. Wait, that doesn't sound half bad.

  8. Great pictures, Ryan! Thanks for sharing them. I can't wait to see what you do with your house this October.

  9. hahaha LOVE the pics! Looks like you guys had such a great summer!

  10. ha ha Ryan I just read our "argument!" I loved loved all of these pictures, but oh my gosh the dinosaurs coming out of the mud picture? Ha ha I was dying! ha ha and I will look into the DownEast Outfitters coupons. Oh and one more thing. Dave was giggling to himself the other day, and I asked what he was laughing at, and he said "Ryan said if he didn't have to work, he would spend 10 months out of the year preparing for Halloween"

  11. Ryan and Bethany,
    We loved the pictures, your summer looked wonderful. Next summer we will play with you! Haven, I want to play dinosaurs with you. That looked way fun! I loved the comments and I'm sure that Heidi will get the credit for writing this but it is really, Mom from Prague! Hope to see more from you soon. I want to see some of the Halloween decorations! Love you all