Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slip n' Slide... I'm Sore!

And the race is on... I should have gotten a picture of the whole slide darn it.

Don't Cry Ty! Its just a kiss!

I was trying to get a pic of his real tear... If you look real close you can see it! He didn't love the water slide so much. poor Beckam...

King Ryan at his greatest

Ty... you have the coolest sunglasses in the whole world.. and lets not even start with the hat.

Summer Love:)...

Haven could not have loved this more. She even went by herself... after a while. Go Haven!

Battle wounds... and butt Crack. Nothin new for Jess.

And the winner is.... Dave! he went up and down the slide 8 times in 2 minutes! Even though Bethany was cursing him to fall and break his leg, and praying that the slide would pop.. so her and Ryan would win! But Dave and Heidi are the Champions! I'm still coughing from that btw.


  1. Looks like fun! So did Heidi post this, or someone else?

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  3. Hahahaha! I LOVE IT! So much fun! Every time I think about the racing it makes me laugh.

  4. Looks like fun! Coby is a bum and didn't want to go and I still have not purchased a new swimsuit but the kids would of had a blast!

  5. Myrna.. yes this was posted from Heidi:)