Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Address Book

Hey family I wanted to make a family address book. I would like your address, phone numbers (home & cells), email address, and blog address. I want to be able to email or give a hard copy to everyone so we can all keep in touch better. Thank you! This posted by Becky


  1. Becky... My (Heidi) phone number is 801-616-8425, and my e-mail is heidi_hoser@hotmail. Dave's number is 801-514-2465 and his e-mail is david.monsivais@gmail.com.

  2. Hey Becky... Love the Curler Pictures. Katelyn looks adorable! :) This is Angie. My phone number is (208) 757-7782. e-mail address is afoster@alpine.k12.ut.us

  3. Becky.. Home phone for Myrna (702) 398-7036, her Email myrnabobfoster@yahoo.com. My Phone (702) 526-8556, Email iambenfoster@yahoo.com.

    Address 1995 Brother Ave. Logandale NV. 89021, Mailing address P.O. Box 127 Logandale NV. 89021

  4. Hi Becky,
    Our number in an emergency is: 004-560 1562697
    We would have to call you back, it will just let us know that we need to call.
    Our address is:
    Czech Prague Mission
    Elder & Sister Foster
    Milady Horakove 85/95
    170 00 Praha 7- Holesovice
    Czech Republic

    Emails: karenfost@gmail.com
    Prague Blog (however, I'm not keeping it up very well, I will work on it.)