Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So with the help of mom this is Kyler's Valentine's Day box. If you don't know who this is then this is this years super hero, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Jesse these might not be popular when Eli is in first grade but you should definitely check them out. I don't know who will like them more you or Eli.


  1. Ha ha Becky the title of this post reminded me of a primary song Dad used to sing..... Does any one know what one I'm referring to?

    That pretty much one of the coolest valentine boxes I have seen yet. Kyler must have been the most popular kid in school :)

  2. I thought of Jesse when I read those books too. Robyn read them 3 years ago, so I bet they're still around when Eli is old enough to read them.

    That box is made of awesome!

  3. HE he he he. I actually do know who captain underpants is and yes some time i do like the cartoons a little bit more then eli but it gives us something to bond over so it is ok right? This whole post gave me the giggles........ I loved it thanks for sharing!

    And who can not remember Dad singing at the top of his lungs " I am a gay Tra La La........

    Heidi thanks for the bring up the hilarious memory

  4. Kyler,

    That Valentine box is Super! You are so lucky to have such a cool Mom that will help you do things like that. I bet all the kids wanted your box. I love you,