Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 interesting things found in the Czech Republic in 2010!

1. Carp for sale in Christmas Markets in Prague

2. Graffiti in Prague

3. Finger Stairway in courtyard of Cesky Krumlov Castle

4. King Wenceslas on upside down horse in Prague

5. Andel Cemetery on All Saints Day in Prague

6. Chandelier made from Human bones in Church in Kutna Hora

7. Baby Tower in Prague

8. Crucifix made from shoes tied together, on Bridge wall by River in Prague

9. Piece of art floating in Vlatava River in Prague

10. Mens Restroom in the Palladium Mall in Prague

We hope you enjoyed them and invite you all to vote for your favorite! We love you...


  1. # 10 Wow, i think i would have stage fright! love the pics we sure miss you an enjoyed all the odd pictures you took!

  2. Dave votes #10 as well... but since I can't relate I will choose the bone museum. Kinda freaky, but soo cool! Thanks for the pictures!

  3. LOVED the pics. But incredibly confused by them! Especially #7 the babies tower and the bones one like Heidi! What the!?!

  4. pretty easy to pick my favorite, I'm going with the bone Chandelier. While I wouldn't want a real bone chandelier in my house, I'd love one made of plastic, but authentic looking ones. That was sweet... in a macabre sort of way. I think of the Halloween decor I could do with that kind of stash and it makes me giddy. Loved the pics., Mom and Dad. You have certainly seen some interesting things over there this past year.
    ~ Ryan

  5. Robyn likes the crucifix made out of shoes.

    Gwenyth likes the finger stairs.

    I like the glowing cemetery.

  6. I have to say #10 as well, but that is because around the world women's bodies are degraded all the time but while in Spain they actually had men in their underwear posted everywhere. So women got to enjoy as well as the men. So the picture just reminded of the pictures in Spain. Maybe the girls bathroom has men.
    Coby and I could say some bad things about a certain picture but we will refrain ourselves.