Thursday, March 24, 2011

March is Madness

So this month is crazy. First we had the Pinewood Derby and then it was on to Kate's birthday. Then it is March Madness best time of the year. I only wish I wasn't here in Utah so that I could get me some warm weather. Enough all ready of the snow and the 40's and 50's. March 20th is the first day of Spring but apparently Utah did hear. Hopefully we will have 70 degree weather by Spring Break. Also, what is up with that too? Why does Utah have Spring Break in April instead of March like all the rest of United States? Someone explain this to me.


  1. Katelyn, your cake is beautiful! I loved it, I bet it was delicious too. Kyler, you look great in a cub scout uniform. How did your car do? I love you all,

    Grandma Foster

  2. Our Spring Break starts in two weeks, and I am so excited to have the week off. Great job on the cake!

  3. What no pics of the sweet derby car? i really wanted to see the paint job on that baby.