Wednesday, April 6, 2011


(Stole this pic from Camille's Blog)

(Also from Camille's Blog..)

Happy April to anyone! I'm lovin the warm 50's.. can't wait for the 70's and 80's!!!
Does anyone feel like coming over to mom and dads house to weed? They are already taking over!!! (Trust me mom... when you get home your garden is gonna look weed free! ;)

I would love to wish a very Happy Birthday to Jayson- April 12th... He's finally turning 25! Can you believe he's a dentist at the age of 25? I heard the other day he got mistaken to be a young man in the ward.. rather then the young men's president :) I bet now that your 25 that won't happen again!

Eli is having a birthday on the 26th... He's gonna be 5! (right Camille?)

Little Sam is turning one on the 18th! As you can see he is as handsome as ever!

Little Molly is turning one on the 27th. Molly and Sam should really meet :) I think they would like each other :)

Hope you all have a happy April!


  1. Yay for birthdays! Happy Birthday Jayson and Molly!

  2. Happy Birthday to all!!! We miss all of you!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Eli, Sam, Molly, & Jayson!! Hope they are wonderful!