Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Since we are now officially on the countdown

Okay so I may be jumping the gun by a few days, but believe it or not one and all, we are almost to the 1/2 way mark where we officially have less than 6 months remaining until we celebrate All Hallows Eve. And to celebrate, I thought I'd post some pictures of Clark Manor from last year that I never got around to posting. Also, I needed an excuse to post something on ye ol' blog site cause it's been awhile since the Clarks from Spanish posted.

Here's hoping you find your own way to celebrate the 6 month mark that is upon us here in 4 more days. It truly is a blessed date when we can start the 'official' countdown, and can say that we have less than 1/2 a year to go!!!!!

And for my parting words today, I hope all of you that are state-side have been watching Idol. This season has been soo insanely awesome. The new song I threw on the playlist is compliments of Haley from last week. She covered Adele's version of 'Falling in the Deep' and I haven't been able to stop listening to it all week. That being said, G. and I are rooting for either Casey or James to win it all. All the contestants are just soooo good this year. And yes, I have eaten my words that J Lo was going to ruin the show. She has turned out to be a fantastic judge and I'm loving having her and Steven Tyler on the panel this year.
Idol... T-minus 9 hrs. and counting!

and if you're interested in re-watching Haley's version, enjoy...
okay, so I shouldn't have started youtubing this morning cause I found this other gem that reminded me just why I'm rooting for Casey this year...

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  1. Dear Ryan,
    Thank you for your post. Your house was... and will continue to be the most haunted house and spookiest in Spanish.

    As for American Idol Talk. Haley singing Adele's song was one of my fav. performances of the entire season. She did incredible. Almost made me a Haley fan

    As for Casey... I really enjoyed his performance tonight! I'm sure you could guess why :) Sadly I don't have a favorite person right now! All my fav's are gone... but if I were to call a winner I think its gonna be James or Scotty. Top 3 I think will be scotty, Lauren, and James. But I guess you never know with this season! Whats your top 3 call?

    I as well love the judges, and agree people magazine that J-lo is the most beautiful woman!