Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Thought I'd add some of my favorite picutres!

Hey Ty! If anyone else took more pictures please add...

I love that he has his rain boots on.

Dr. Spaceman and Rick

The Clarks

Marc... Or the Grim Reaper

Ty and Sam

Ty and Beck were the cutest puppies ever!

Got him.

Everyone :) aren't you all impressed that everyone is in a costume?


  1. You all look fantastic! Thanks for taking pics and posting them, Heidi!

  2. Can ya'll believe everyone was dressed up even me and kev. What a fun party!!!!

  3. Heidi and Dave's costumes wins for funniest duo!! Kevin wins most creative.

  4. Tis true! It was such a fun night all around. Thanks soo much to Grady and Ra for putting so much work into making it fun for all of us.
    We all looked sooo great!