Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wanna be like bb

As of late, our two little kiddos have had a major case of the envies.
You see, our own little Sammerson can't help but want to be just like his cousin Baby Beckham.
I guess he is not much of a baby anymore... but with that mowhawk, Sam can't help but envy those locks.

And in Eli's case...

Well he wants to be like another baby we know.

He wants to be JUST like the coolest little brother in the world.
He took it so far as to steal clothes out of Sam's dresser.
And amazingly enough... THEY FIT!
Size six months.

Wow. Check out mr. skinny britches.


  1. I'm literally Laughin' Out Loud at that first pic. or Eli in the shorts.... priceless.
    And Sam can rock that mohawk to a T. He's getting so big so fast.
    Thanks for posting pics. that started my day off great!

  2. Ha ha so funny! Well.. no need to buy shorts for E next summer, he can just wear Sam's pants. And for the record.. every little boy should have a mowhawk. Especially the ones with blonde hair and blue eyes!