Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Chance Mystery Picture

Where are all of our Grandchildren??

We really want to send this chocolate bar, but only Eli has guessed. What is this picture? The first one to guess it right will get a "Milka" chocolate bar in the mail from Prague! The more detail in your guess is better! We love you all and hope you enjoy guessing! Love you,

Grandma & Grandpa Foster


  1. I'm going to say it's a picture of the moon rising. Yup, I said Moon. I've seen one blood red moon rise in my life and it looked a lot like that. Of course the higher it got in the sky, it lightened up to it's normal color.
    Wait.... how many guess do I get cause if I get more than one, I'll keep submitting ;)

  2. No Fair! I want a milka chocolate! If no "grandkids" guess right I get a chance right? And good thing Ryan already guessed, because that would have been my guess as well! But I'll guess something else.

  3. Hmm. That was my guess. It looks like the moon and the moon's reflection on water with a conifer of some sort on the side.

    Of course, it could also be someone with a really shaggy beard holding a hot tamale (so that we only see one end) and shaking it up and down by their face ;)

  4. D'oh, I was soo excited about a guessing game that I didn't fully realize it was for the grandkids. My bad. Sorry :( And I'll really be sorry if that's what it is ;)

  5. I will have my kids guess when Kyler get home from school but my guess is: The sun or some kind of light maybe flashlight is shining through a window or something behind the picture and it is definitely hitting a table of some sort and then hitting the thing that is really glowing but I am still trying to think what that is. To the right is a shadow of mom or some girl because they don't have boy hair. The grayish area is the wall. I just need to figure out what the glowing thing is. I will have to keep contemplating on what that is.

  6. Gwenyth says it's a bird beak (and she's very sure about this).

    Daxton says there are red lights.

    Robyn says it's the sun on a cloudy day.

  7. Haven said..
    I think it is the sun going down with clouds and Grandma and Grandpa are driving in the car.
    And maybe it is a hill that is red.

  8. Beckam said.....
    Its a "Dog Dog"
    (Because that is all he knows how to say!!!)

  9. Bethany says....
    It's a glow worm.
    She also says....