Sunday, November 28, 2010


I came across these as I was looking through my wedding stuff...I just had to post some for you all to enjoy!!! Aren't we such a good looking family?!?

Ok...Ben and Myrna's Family actually gets credit for being good looking...the rest of us...I think the pictures speak for themselves.

We love you all and hope you all laughed!!
Brian and Keia


  1. Ha ha! Love every single one of these! Ty poking out bre's eye could be one of my potential fav's. The third one with Jesse and Camille is classic. Thanks for the post Keia!

  2. we are literally laughing out loud at these. Soooo fun. It was a great touch to have that booth at the reception. Thanks for posting, they made our night!

  3. Ha! You totally posted the best picture of us. Marc's made me laugh out loud. They're all great!

  4. Keia,
    That was great! Yes, we did laugh out loud! I love my family and they are all a very good-looking bunch! Thanks for posting!


  5. Wow! I was not aware someone else would be seeing these!! thanks for the heads up i will never try to look retarded in a wedding photo both again, well maybe!! I might not be able to help it.

    thanks for the laughs

  6. Ha! I love the Foster-Breinholts! You guys are great and that fact that almost every single one of you, not only have your tongue out, but have it sticking out to the side makes me love this family more. :) Is that a foster-Breinholt code of some sort?