Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dear Utah Siblings, (and any one else that wants to come of course)
Can I get a drum roll please?......... It is our bi-annual crepe sunday next week!! I was thinkin 9AM would be a good time. If you are coming let me know! I was just thinkin we could try out some of the crepe's in the pictures below.... OR maybe they will just get you excited... because I'M SO EXCITED!!! Love, your sister that loves food more than dad. -Heidi

I'm gonna try this kind...

Yummmy... Raspberries... I gotta try this kind..

Is that Brownie chunks in there?!! DELICIOUS!

Ooozing Chocolate... yes please.

I have no idea what is in this one... but it has to be good! It's a Crepe!

Nutella will be present again... Trust me.

We totally forgot about the powdered sugar last time!

This is what my plate will look like next sunday!!! Can't wait to see you!


  1. I think I put on five pounds just reading this post (okay, that would be the Nutella I'm breaking out in a minute here). I wish we could be there. :o)

  2. So I think that one you didn't know what was in it, looked like it had peanut butter and bananas.
    Be weary of the Nutella. There was a recall on it and they claimed they got all of them but Coby was having a craving for some Nutella and he and Katelyn ended up with the throw ups from food poisoning. Just FYI. Can't wait until Sunday. I think I might bring some lemon pudding for lemon and raspberry crepes?

  3. Hey Heidi- Maybe you should make food assignments so we can make sure we have all the yummy stuff we want there.

  4. I will make sure the Nutella is good:) if not we still have some of those nugetta chocolate packs mom and dad brought home too.
    The assignments are:
    Kev and Bre: Blueberries
    Camille and Jessie: Strawberries
    Ang: Pudding
    Becky and Coby: Bananas and syrup (and lemon pudding?)
    Marc: Raspberries
    Heidi and Dave: the crepes. Whipped cream
    We have peanut butter and carol syrup here... What else do we need? I was thinkin vanilla ice cream on top could be delicious.. and also brownie bites! yummy. If any one else wants to bring anything else feel free. We also have orange juice here.

  5. Yummy in my tummy! Can't wait!