Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trip to Freiberg Temple

These clouds are for Angie's science class....aren't they amazing?
Hundreds of hay bales drying in the sun...they seemed to go forever.
The farms in Germany were neat and orderly...beautiful!
Road construction took us off the highway and we saw some beautiful buildings.

Klausnitzer Pension was located right behind the Temple, very convenient.
This was our room at the Klaustnitzer Pension.
The small, but beautiful Freiberg Temple at night.
The Temple was so small we took a picture of Angel Moroni that you could actually see.

Elder & Sister Foster in front of Freiberg Temple.
Sister Foster and Klara and Daniel, two of our YA's at the Temple.

Whew!!!! We are not the last ones to post! Our trip to the Temple was great! We found that Germany was very clean and orderly, we loved it. When we went through a session at the Temple we thought of all of you....we love you and miss you,

Mom & Dad


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  2. Soo fun to see those pictures. It was so fun to hear about your trip and experiences in Germany. That's one place I soo want to visit someday. You two look fabulous.
    Love and Miss you!!!!

  3. Very Cool pictures Mom!! Looks like you had fun! I can't believe how tiny that temple is! Thanks for posting!

  4. Ben needs to use his own account to comment. He said," Hurray for Mom, getting a post up on this blog. It looks like it was a great trip!"

    Thanks for posting pictures!