Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Heidi...this one's for you...

Smith girlies...a few pictures from our summer...I hate that I am following Ryan's awesome post...I am new at this, so I hope to here you go for now!
Mikan at the pool...

Maggie at the pool...

The lens on my camera fogged up because it was sooo i have only a few pictures of the girls on the beach...with our friends the Pillions.

Some pictures of Sandra's beach house at Tybee Island, GA, just outside of Savannah. We stayed here for our summer vacation over the 4th of July...we plan to go back...outstanding!

This one is for you Dad...remember the picture that you loved of Maggie so Molly!

This shows Molly's massive cheeks....already 4 months and 18 pounds...and her hair is coming in blonde!?


  1. Carin....
    We have been waiting. I knew the pictures were coming so we have checked this page quite often!! The girls are as gorgeous as ever. The beach house, breathtaking. Loved it! -Beth

  2. Sunshine,
    I don't know what you're talking about... this post blows mine out of the water. I ain't got nothing up against the Charlie's Angels crew you and Boss are raising.
    Your girls are sooo adorable. Loved the pics. of Sandra's house. Plenty of thick foilage for me to hide in and stalk the beautiful Bullock when she's at home ;)
    Thanks for posting. We miss you guys something awful!!

  3. Oh! Thanks for posting pictures, Carin! I love Molly's cheeks! Daxton had cheeks like that at four months, and I think Robyn did too.

    The beach house looks amazing. We love you guys!

  4. Way to go Carin! That was so fun to see your family. You made our day! Love you, Mom & Dad

  5. Yay!!! What beautiful girls!!! Can't get enough of that Molly, love love love the cheeks!

  6. Oh those cheeks and the arm rolls on molly! I want to squeeze them! Mikan is getting so tall and beautiful! Maggs still has the little birdy legs that are not from the Foster genes. Looks like you had such a fun summer! Your girls are so cute! Thanks for the Birthday post! Keep em comin!

  7. Charlies Angels....I like that Ryan