Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll just ramble for a bit....

To my Dearest Siblings/parents:
It's time to call some of you out for not participating! W
e want pictures!!! You know who you are... but just in case I will remind you :) Cathy... Carin... Marc... Keia... C'mon! I know your lives are exciting, so share! Thanks for all of you that have posted! It has become an obsession of mine to check this blog every day, and I get SO excited when there is a new post!

Can't wait to see a lot of you at Mr. Ky's baptism! Becky.. Do you want us to bring anything?

Mom and Dad.. I just want you to know that I will never participa
te in throwing Guy Pribyl's dog poop into his poop pile. I will simply take his shovel, and throw the huge poop pile into the center of his yard where it belongs. And I think that is pretty generous of me! I am pretty sure he has trained his dogs to poop in our yard, because he knows we are a bunch of suckers and will clean it up for him. Maybe I'll put it on his door step, in a burning bag. That'll show him. Just thought I would let you know the new rules when you get back. He had to bring up the other days "incident" with me the other day.. and I wished I could die. He just wanted me to know "He wasn't trying to peep."

I found some Random pictures that I thought were cute... So i'll post em.

Jesse and Camille... So cute.

Little Gwen. So cute.

Little Kate. So cute.

And the Handsome, charming, talented, funny, whitty Jayson...

That's all for now...
Hope your all so happy!


  1. Ramble on, Grady!!
    I second the fact that you check ye ol' blog site everyday cause I do as well. Granted, most of the time it's to check out the pics of me, but hey, I do care about everyone else as well, I do!!
    Post away fam. I'm going to be posting some more Clark Clan adventures soon.

  2. Hahahaha! Wow. Good laugh I got from ya there Heidi, can't wait to actually talk with you in person about the incident... I forgot about it!?! And then of course Tommy's comment made me giggle too. Come on more people post! Because apparently this blog is good for a laugh for me!

  3. p.s. if you look at the pic of me and jesse you can see that girl unavoidably getting flashed. We STILL talk about this incident to this day. I was so embarrassed when Jesse dipped me first of all because EVERYONE saw EVERYTHING, and because he about broke my back! I am not built for dancing.

  4. Okay, Heidi you made me laugh, and then Camille made me laugh too!

  5. Ha ha no way Camille! That is hilarious! Guess me posting that pic. was inspired.